Let me tell you bout my bestfriend

Finding myself adrift and steadily spiralling toward oblivion God put this handsome soul in my path to ebb my self destruction. The phrase “God sent” took on incredibly real meaning in that moment and through the past half decade or so this gift He bestowed upon my life keeps on proving it’s truth. While I may stumble in my remembrance of the value and goodness that having the fortune of being unconditionally loved by someone not blood related but solely by his choosing to continue to do so I do my darnedest to show my gratitude and appreciation for everything he’s done for me. Even with me sometimes unfairly placing him on a pedestal of my neediness’s expectations he continues to rise above where most would turn and run and hide. I forget that he is fallible as every human being is because his effect on my world has been so supernatural and life saving. Other friends whom I know mean well and love me dearly cannot understand why I return to our relationship that seems at times to be more pain than pleasure but I’ve come to realize that all pain brings growth both personally and within our partnership. It’s great when love and companionship are easy and simple but how fast would that stagnate if we stop growing and real growth comes in those instances you’d not put yourself in because it is uncomfortable or it hurts and yet there always seems to be simple happiness on the other side of most everything that brings me pain and discomfort. And when I recall that God sent me this person in my dire time of need I trust that He reciprocally put me in his life for a similar reason. Thus another life lesson I am slow to learn and quick to forget being that the world doesn’t revolve around me and this union is a two way street so it’s not always about what I need but also what this wonderful man I get to call and experience life having as my bestfriend, my person needs to go through and have me by his side unconditionally loving and accepting and forgiving him and myself as we smoothly sail and when we trip and fall.