In Case You Missed It!

I made this page with links to my favorite daily meditations and my top 2 go to blogs/sites that keep me inspired and on track. I also made it visually fun for your enjoyment and mine!! Just click on the picture or the descriptions and it’ll send you to whichever you want to check out today!!

Choose happiness and be kind, it’s free so give it freely!!

Be easy and stay beautifully you as only you can do!

The Thought Life

Also head over to one of my favorite sites and check out 16 Ways to Become a Better Person Today cause per usual he is spot on with where my heads at and these are all great ways to start being the best you you can be!!

Daily Dose of Mindfulness

So each day I try to touch base with a few different readings/meditations/reflections/thoughts from a few places that I think any and everyone can benefit from checking out and taking in. Even if not every day, on those days you need a good pick me up check out my new page >>> Daily Dose of Mindfulness <<< and see what daily goodness some of my favorite sites/books/programs have in store.

And an infograph/flowchart for a very simplified version of how to get our thoughts in order to start choosing happiness made by me:
Thanks and enjoy your day, stay beautiful and spread joy!

Choose happiness steps simplified flowchart
And start the positive thinking and also get a little introspection with a Daily Dose of Mindfulness!
Love and happiness to all you beautiful people!
Thanks for reading 🙂
Ready or not?! Let’s go!!