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the ORIGINAL female role models

There was once a princess so ravaged by guilt at the poverty and inequality of her people that she became Sultan and married a “streetrat” and took back what it meant to be a leader for her people.

The vastness of the ocean could not contain a beautiful mermaid princesses desire to gain new perspectives to the enormity of giving up her amazing life and natural talent to embrace sea legs and find what the other side of life was all about.

Rather than complain and cause her father any extra strain this beautiful maiden made friends with the most unlikely of creatures and sang her troubles away until her true beauty was seen and brought to light.

Who needs to be the most beautiful of all when you’ve got seven little men protecting your true beauty even while you sleep all with their set of quirks that this royal lady made sure to show them the beauty in.

Lost in the fantasies in her head and all the books she reread the bell of the ball not only tamed a beast but gave purpose to an entire household caught in a curse and reminded us all each of us is important even the smallest piece.

And the new days role models work it ladies!!!

All I did was add his photos of the 43 orphans he takes care of to my social media

I’m sorry Daddy I’m awesome

Chutes and Ladders

you paid
i supplied
you saved
i admired
your kindness
my adoration
you charmed
i fell

you taught
i fought
your patience
my resistance
you push
i rebel
your guidance
my obstinance
you show
i tell

your expectations
my disappointment
your tough love
my best try
you renounce
i comply
you withhold
i apologize
you assume
i confess

your judgment
my surrender
you rebuke
i regress
you cheat
i retreat
you blame
i examine
you lie
i rectify

you play
i forfeit
you take
i give
you demand
i bend
you hurt
i empathize
you resent
i forgive

you stagnate
i grow
your ignorance
my wisdom
you hate
i commiserate
your intolerance
my acceptance
you tit for tat
i ain’t got time for that

you leave
i wait
you cause
i take the bait
you blame
i believe
you stonewall
i upend
you return
i pretend

you apologize
i sympathize
your manipulation
my trust
your unfaithfulness
my devotion
you gaslight
i “go crazy”
your sickness
my naivety

you’re gone
i’m alone
you deceive
i realize
you destroy
i tolerate
your control
my exasperation
your rejection
my devastation

your indifference
my sadness
you abandon
i despair
you devalue
i wonder
your win
my loss
your game
my heartbreak

your “all in”
my elation
you instigate
i avoid the bait
your aboutface
my whiplash
your disrespect
my disbelief
you ghost
i let you go