Chutes and Ladders

you paid
i supplied
you saved
i admired
your kindness
my adoration
you charmed
i fell

you taught
i fought
your patience
my resistance
you push
i rebel
your guidance
my obstinance
you show
i tell

your expectations
my disappointment
your tough love
my best try
you renounce
i comply
you withhold
i apologize
you assume
i confess

your judgment
my surrender
you rebuke
i regress
you cheat
i retreat
you blame
i examine
you lie
i rectify

you play
i forfeit
you take
i give
you demand
i bend
you hurt
i empathize
you resent
i forgive

you stagnate
i grow
your ignorance
my wisdom
you hate
i commiserate
your intolerance
my acceptance
you tit for tat
i ain’t got time for that

you leave
i wait
you cause
i take the bait
you blame
i believe
you stonewall
i upend
you return
i pretend

you apologize
i sympathize
your manipulation
my trust
your unfaithfulness
my devotion
you gaslight
i “go crazy”
your sickness
my naivety

you’re gone
i’m alone
you deceive
i realize
you destroy
i tolerate
your control
my exasperation
your rejection
my devastation

your indifference
my sadness
you abandon
i despair
you devalue
i wonder
your win
my loss
your game
my heartbreak

your “all in”
my elation
you instigate
i avoid the bait
your aboutface
my whiplash
your disrespect
my disbelief
you ghost
i let you go

Published by

lackadaisicalwhimsy [jessCause]

i'm happiLy me despite and often in spite of my circumstances underestimate me, please -this'll be fun i've got no time for playing games so be real or leave me be 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 makes us and we is all I need

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